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version 4.5
Raster to Vector Conversion for all Cutting and Engraving Applications

- New! - Version 4.5 Now Shipping!
Draftsman Cutting Shop v.4.5 - Scan it! Cut it!

Raster to Vector Conversion for all Cutting and Engraving applications

NEW Features in Version 4.5!

NEW Features in Version 4!
NEW Featuresin Version 3!

Why Buy Cutting Shop?

Cutting Shop now supports optional single stroke fonts!

NEW and IMPROVED Features (Version 2)

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SCAN and CUT... or TYPE and CUT
Draftsman Cutting Shop is the premier 32 bit raster to vector conversion program for all cutting applications. The program imports color, gray and black and white images.  Cutting Shop is simple to install, easy to use and extremely fast.  Scans of both sketches and silhouettes are quickly converted into high quality, ready to cut, vector drawings.

Any TrueType font is instantly outlined with long lines and arcs.  Whether it is a vectorized drawing or an outlined font, complex curves are made of a series of end to end arcs and outlines are closed polygons.  Images converted with Cutting Shop cut smooth and the cutting tool stays down until the outline is finished; optimizing your cutting operation.

Cutting Shop runs under all 32 bit Windows platforms including Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Optional Stroke Fonts! Stroke fonts cut very quickly, their optimum design characteristics enable dramatically reduced cutting time, which can save you a lot of time and money. The more you inscribe the more time and money you save. If you are currently locked out of this market stroke fonts may be exactly what you need.

PREPARATION - Cutting Shop has many features designed specifically for NC applications such as line offset, cuttable fills, automatic and manual tool path sorting, show direction of cut and if required, reverse it.  Also, Import DXF files from low end raster to vector programs and automatically create long lines and arcs from the thousands of short vectors that these programs can create. 

EDIT - Because Cutting Shop is a hybrid raster/vector program and because clean-up is always a concern, Cutting Shop comes with an impressive variety of vector and raster editing functions; stretch, scale, move, copy, delete, insert and join - about 40 of these tools are available. 

EXPORT - Vectors are exported to DXF, PLT, IGES and other CAD and CAM specific formats.  Vectors, raster, or the combined raster and vector hybrid image can be saved or printed.  Vectors can be drawn on the raster image and the combined raster/vector drawing can be saved back as a raster drawing.

SIMPLE NESTING OPTION - Simple Nesting quickly fills a sheet of material with copies of parts to be cut. (There is an additional charge for this feature.)

Raster to Vector Conversion
Convert All or Selection to Vectors
Color and Gray Support
Silhouette Conversion
Sketch Conversion
Preset and User Defineable Conversion Parameters
Long Lines and Arcs

Optional Stroke Fonts!
Silhouette any TrueType font
Type on an arc or series or arcs

NC Preparation
S-Fill, Hatch Fill
Bridge Tool
Automatic Tool Path Optimization
Manual Tool Path Sort
Change Direction of Cut

Heads-Up Digitizing
Snap to Raster
Snap to Vector
Raster Editng
Vector to Raster Conversion
Trace with Lines, Circles, Arcs, Text and polygons.

Raster Editing
Vector to Raster Conversion
Box and Polygon Erase
Pixed Editing
Hole Filling
Raster Grid

Raster files imported & exported:
PCX   BMP   Tif Group 4 
Tif Uncompressed   Tif Pack Bits
CALSGroup 4   JPG
RLC   PNG   Raster Images from PDF

Vector files exported
DXF   PLT    IGES     DXB    CGM    HPG     TXT    2D

Raster, Vector and Hybrid Printing

Draftsman first came to market in 1990, running stand alone under DOS. Numerous upgrades and operating system modifications have helped Arbor Image to sell thousands of copies and to become well known in the CAD industry for high quality raster to vector conversion.

A Free Working Demo of Cutting Shop is Now Available!

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