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Why Buy Cutting Shop?

When selecting a raster to vector conversion program for cutting applications, there are several things to consider. 

How easy is it to learn the program?

Since raster to vector conversion is not what most people do every day Draftsman Cutting Shop has been designed so that the user doesn’t have to relearn the program every time he uses it. Also, we give 1/2 day free training to any user who comes to our offices in Ann Arbor. Please call for an appointment.

How long does automatic conversion take?

Using a Pentium class computer Draftsman Cutting Shop will take just a few seconds to convert most drawings to lines and arcs.

How good is the conversion? 

When you have to cut the same image many times the true cost is your machine time. How quickly does the image cut? Cutting time is determined by the number of entities in the image, the more entities, the longer it takes to cut. No program does a better conversion with fewer entities than Draftsman Cutting Shop.

How versitile is the raster to vector conversion program?

Draftsman Cutting Shop does centerline conversion and two styles of silhouette conversion. In addition it also supports color and grayscale images. Images that are really poor quality can be quickly digitized with Draftsman Cutting Shop’s vector tracing features.

How easy is it to edit a vectorized drawing?

Unfortunately, you only get perfect conversions from large sharp original art. Most art does not come into this category. Fortunately, Draftsman Cutting Shop has a variety of draw and edit tools that allow even the worst original to become beautiful vector drawings extremely fast. 

What about text?

Draftsman Cutting Shop supports automatic vector outlining of any TrueType font. Fonts may also flow along a curved line. 

Optional Stroke Fonts! Cutting Shop now supports optional single stroke fonts.
What if my client sends me a DXF file that he has created with a low-end vectorizer? 

Draftsman Cutting Shop can import DXF files that consist of thousands of short polyline vectors. The files can be automatically cleaned up so that the result has much fewer entities and they consist of long lines and arcs.

How quickly can I get positive cash flow doing raster to vector conversion?

Many users have reported that Draftsman programs have paid for themselves with 1 to 10 conversions.

How about technical support?

Our technical support is free. We encourage users to have a look at the user manual but we are happy to answer questions. Technical support is available during normal business hours 9 - 6 Eastern Time, via our main phone number and e-mail. 

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