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Stroke Fonts
Draftsman Cutting Shop, the premier “scan it - cut it” raster to vector conversion program now supports stroke fonts. Cutting Shop’s stroke fonts are designed for etching applications such as serialization of parts.

Stroke fonts cut very quickly, their optimum design characteristics enable dramatically reduced cutting time, which can save you a lot of time and money. The more you inscribe the more time and money you save. If you are currently locked out of this market stroke fonts may be exactly what you need.

Stroke fonts consist of centerline vectors, lines and arcs. The example at the right has a total of 19 entities that make up the word Acme. The letter “A” has 3 lines, the letter “c” - 3 lines and 2 arcs, the letter “m” - 4 lines and 1 arc and the letter “e” has 4 lines and 2 arcs.

Even though Cutting Shop is very effecient at producing silhouettes from TrueType fonts, silhouetting a similar style font in a TrueType format creates a total of 53 entities; nearly 3 times as many entities as the stroke font.

The basic Stroke Fonts package includes three stroke fonts; AICiso, AICisoRounded and AICmodern. To see examples of all three, click here. (Additional fonts are available; contact us for information.)

AICiso and AICmodern are ideal for cutting with rotary head tools. Users with diamond dragging applications may find that AICisoRounded will work best for you. Sharp corners have been filleted to smooth the cut.

Inside of Cutting Shop you’ll find that stroke fonts and TrueType fonts use the same icons. Selection of the font style determines if it gets outlined or center lined. All fonts can be further edited within the program; stretched with Cutting Shop’s Stretch tool, or placed on an arc or series of arcs with the Curve tool.

Stroke fonts are optional and may be ordered with your purchase of Draftsman Cutting Shop. To upgrade to Cutting Shop with stroke font support, call Arbor Image Corporation at (734) 741-8700 or email us.

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