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Designer: msr

version 2

Raster to Vector Conversion for all Cutting and Engraving Applications

Version 2 Now Shipping! NEW Features in Version 2!

NEW and IMPROVED Features

OPTIONAL - Stroke Fonts!

Vectorization - Several types of color separation are supported.

Color images of pure colors are instantly outlined.  For example, a 6-color logo designed with a paint program can be imported with the edge of each filled area automatically displayed.  Where two colors share a common intersection one line is displayed.  Colors can also be deselected.
Individual colors from complex color images can also be manually selected for vectorization.  In addition, you can threshold gray scale or color images so that the resulting black and white image is vectorized. 

Text - We’ve got big improvements here!

The entire user interface has been upgraded.  TrueType text can now be placed on an arc or series of arcs.  This feature includes right and left justifications.  Vector outlining of the text is also easier and faster.  Text boxes are a thing of the past and text zooms without changing size or placement.

Optional Stroke Fonts! Stroke fonts cut very quickly, their optimum design characteristics enable dramatically reduced cutting time, which can save you a lot of time and money. The more you inscribe the more time and money you save. If you are currently locked out of this market stroke fonts may be exactly what you need.

Bridge Tool - Two parallel lines bridge the distance between two original lines.
This is an invaluable feature when cutting parts to keep island areas from falling out.  The bridge width is user settable.
Edit - Set or edit the cutting order.
Display the cutting order, then if required modify it quickly; cut selected line first, last, or somewhere in-between.
File - Mutiple open document support!
Cutting Shop supports multiple images so that several drawings may be worked on at the same time; vector entities can be copied from one drawing to another.
Simple Nesting Option - Cut multiple copies of an object from a single sheet of material. 
Simple Nesting quickly fills a sheet of material with copies of parts to be cut. (There is an additional charge for this feature.)


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