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Welcome to the Arbor Image web site.
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At Arbor Image we create professional raster to vector software solutions for a wide range of commercial, industrial and hobby applications. Including:
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- New! - Version 4.5 Now Shipping!
Draftsman Cutting Shop v.4.5 - Scan it! Cut it! -
Raster to Vector Conversion for all Cutting and Engraving applications
NEW Features in Version 4.5!
NEW Features in Version 4!
NEW Features in Version 3!
NEW Features in Version 2!

New! See Cutting Shop V4, the Movie! (43 Meg. Requires Adobe Shockwave/Flash viewer.)

See Cutting Shop V3 in action! (5.1 Meg. Requires Shockwave/Flash viewer.)

Cutting Shop User Gallery. See how our customers are using Cutting Shop.
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Draftsman 2002 Raster to Vector Conversion plus Overlay and OCR  NEW features in Draftsman 2002

Video training is available! The optional training programs are in total over 1 1/2 hours long.

Cutting Shop v3 training videos are over an hour long. They contain eight categories and a total of 18 subjects. In addition, the Cutting Shop v4 features are over 30 minutes long.

The training videos are screen captures of Cutting Shop in action with voice narration. These videos have been designed with two objectives in mind: helping new Cutting Shop users get up to speed very quickly, and helping existing Cutting Shop users learn to use program features and short cut keys that will greatly increase their productivity.

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How can we help you?

Arbor Image Corporation leads in the field of raster to vector conversion software, creating solutions for a wide range of commercial, industrial and hobby applications. We can help you with all of your raster to vector conversion needs. 

raster to vector conversion
Our products are used by thousands of customers worldwide, for such diverse applications as engineering, archetecture, creative arts, cutting and engraving,  raster to vector conversion
All of our products provide raster to vector conversion solutions superior to "low end" raster to vector products or general graphics  programs that offer some level of raster to vector conversion.  raster to vector conversion
You can download free Demo software from this site, and see for  yourself how our raaster to vector conversion products can help you in your operation.  raster to vector conversion
If you compare the output from our products to that of any of the other raster to vector products on the market, you will see that we offer the best value in the field; superior results at an affordable price!  raster to vector conversion
Our users agree that our raster to vector products produce excellent  results and are easy to use, and save them considerable time (and money).  raster to vector conversion
Arbor Image offers full technical support for no additional charge. Our technical support staff can be reached by phone during business hours (Eastern) or by email.  raster to vector conversion
Prices for all of our products are available on-line, along with pricing for any available options.  raster to vector conversion
If you have any questions about our products, prices, or services,  please feel free to call our office at (734) 741-8700 or email us at: 

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raster to vector cutting raster to vector engraving 
raster to vector drawing raster to vector convert raster to vector cutting raster to vector engraving 
raster to vector drawing raster to vector conversion

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Draftsman Cutting Shop
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Draftsman 2002 on CD-ROM

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