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What's New in Draftsman 2002 

During the process of vectorizing these files the user is given the option of Color Separate, or Threshold; the Processed image view is updated as changes are made. There are many times that it would be beneficial to save this modified raster image; now you can save the black and white, or color image. 

The Segment Length dialog includes Arc Radius; query and specify a radius for any Picked arc. Segment Length also allows lines to be drawn to specific lengths.

Improved Panning! The preset pan distance with the keyboard Arrow keys has been modified, so that the pan distance does not pan across the entire width of the screen. The new pan distance seems to be ideal.  It’s a great help when hand-tracing poor scans, or inspecting the quality of highly detailed drawings.

More hot keys!  Alt-i and Alt-o zoom in/out; the zoom location is the current mouse position. This is really helpful on very large, or highly detailed drawings and is a big time saver when you are also using the Arrow keys to pan. 

Handles displays end points in the vectorized file; a glance will let you know if you need more, or fewer points to get the best possible results. Although this feature is available from an icon we decided that because it is so important and is used so often Handles should be available via a “hot key." so the Handles tool is now accessible via the F2 key. 

The Rectangle tool is a new drawing tool. Draw closed boxes with a couple of mouse clicks; it produces 4 lines. Rectangles can be drawn to specific sizes, at specific locations

The Information tool is new. It lists the number of entities in any chosen area, gives perimeter and area calculations, (x,y) end-point positions, line type, color, line width, radius, extents and other valuable information about your drawing.

Speed-up draw and edit functions with this automatic point insert feature.

This tool is useful in mapping applications. It ensures that you can isolate individual lots so that you can find areas and perimeters.

You can draw lines and 3-point arcs with the Draw tool. You can also use Ortho to draw lines at any angle, quickly. In addition, you can now draw lines at right angles to the previous line by pressing the Ctrl key when drawing a line.

Text now includes center, left and right justification. This is really nice for sign and label making applications.  Any TrueType font can be instantly converted to lines and arcs. 

Draftsman users have been able to select one or more entities and then add entities to the selection by holding down the shift key. Now you can also deselect selected entities by holding down the shift key.

Tiled printing has been added. If your vectorized image is larger than the media you will print or cut, you can tile the image so that it will tile over several sheets. 

Circles now include a center point that is displayed when Handles are shown. You can snap to the point, or delete it to remove the circle.

Multiple inlines/outlines are now a snap with the Offset tool. 

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