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Draftsman 2002:
Color and Gray File Support

Draftsman 2002 has the ability to convert to vector from color or gray raster files! Several types of color separation are supported.

Automatic Color Selection

  • Color images of pure colors are instantly outlined. 
  • For example, a 6-color logo designed with a paint program can be imported with the edge of each filled area automatically displayed. 
  • Where two colors share a common intersection one line is displayed. 
  • Selected color(s) can be deselected.
Manual Color Selection
  • Individual colors from complex color images such as photographs can be manually selected. 
  • Posterization
  • Pixel Averaging Noise Reduction 
  • Black and white image reversal is also supported.
Gray Scale
  • Gray scale and color images can be selected for thresholding so that the resulting black and white image is vectorized.
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